Open call for participants for the European Youth Festival in Ganja, Azerbaijan

We invite all interested European citizens (including non-EU countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia) to attend the event and celebrate the European Youth Festival together with the habitats of the city .


Deadline: 31 August 2016 

When: 29 September - 03 October 2016 

Venue: 2016 European Youth Capital Ganja city, Azerbaijan 

Ganja city announces an open call for participants for the European Youth Festival and available travel grants!
Ganja city is the second biggest city of Azerbaijan which has been selected the European Youth Capital 2016 on 21st of November 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece by the European Youth Forum. From that day on Ganja city has successfully hosted and organized local and international events, exhibitions and meetings in different European countries. The program of “Ganja European Youth Capital 2016” is focused on 5 main priority areas (Education, Volunteering, Active Participation, Social Cohesion, Youth Employment). The mission of the program is to encrease the activity level of youth organizations, promote the culture, history and rich values of Azerbaijan through different projects throughout the year, and strengthen the intercultural dialogue.

On 29th of September – 3rd of October 2016 Ganja city will organize the European Youth Festival. We invite all interested European citizens (including non-EU countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Georgia) to attend the event and celebrate the European Youth Festival together with the habitats of the city.

This is a unique opportunity and interesting experience for all foreign guests to travel to the other end of Europe, get familiar with Azerbaijani culture and history, visit different parts of Azerbaijan, have a trip to Caucasian mountains, participate in the Festival, meet official authorities of Europe, meet the culture of Caucasus and have nice time in Azerbaijan.

Extra stay and activities:
Please note that participants who are willing to stay after the 4-days long stay will need to travel their own stay and meal costs. The organizers only cover the 4 days long stay in Ganja. We encourage participants to continue their travel through Azerbaijan. They can explore the city by their own or take a trip to different regions of the country. Here are some recommended cities and towns to visit:

1) Shaki - a touristic and old town in the mountains of Caucasus. The town is located be reached by a bus or taxi from Ganja city. The town kept its traditional spirit and usually attracts may tourists.

2) Gabala - is a city located in the north part of Azerbaijan and closest to Shaki. Before 1991 the city was known as Kutkashen, but after Azerbaijan independence the town was renamed in honour of the much older city of Gabala, the former capital of Caucasian Albania, the archaeological site of which is about 20 km southwest.

3) Lahij – also an old town located in the mountains. Located km away from Ganja city. Represents the traditional face of Azerbaijan.

4) Baku – the capital of Azerbaijan. A modern and big city, located 450 km away from Ganja. Is easy to reach by a bus (5 euros), train (9 euros) or a private taxi (30 euros). Has many touristic spots, old town inside the city, beautiful panoramas and places to see.

5) A tour around Azerbaijan.

6) A Caucasus tour.


How much it costs?

 Provided by the organizers: The costs of the stay in a hotel, meals 3 times per day, trips to mountains area, participation in workshops, transfer from the airport to hotels in Ganja.
Organizers will provide participants with invitation letters, so the visas will be received on the border at the airports. Meanwhile you don't need to find an Embassy of Azerbaijan in your home country.

 Covered by participants: flight tickets, visa costs and expenses of extra stay.


Available travel grants:

There are several grants available for participants which will cover some costs of the travel:

1. Make a video about Ganja city. Feel free to use Your creativity. You can have a video survey, an informational video about Ganja city by using videomaking (not important to make a professional one).

2. Write an essay about Ganja and Azerbaijan. How you imagine the city, what is interesting for you about Azerbaijani culture, why you’d like to travel to Ganja city, what would you like to see etc. You can also record all these points in a video as well.

3. Promote Ganja city in your city. You can make it through a small photo campaign, survey, exhibition etc. Include it in your application.

The best applications will receive a full (maximum 500 Euro) or half funding (50% of travel costs which should not exceed 250 Euro) to travel to Ganja city.


Organizers will provide participants with invitation letters, so the visas will be received on the border at the airports. Participants will not need to apply to Embassies of Azerbaijan Republic.

How to get registered?

If you don’t need any fundings to travel to Azerbaijan then please just fill the application form.
If you are applying to travel grants then please fill out the application form and send a short report on your activity (video link, photos from your activity) to the e-mail [email protected] no later than August 31st!!!

All applicants are expected to send their application forms and passport scans.
All selected participants will be informed shortly after the deadline. The detailed agenda of the trip will be sent after registration.


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