Multiculturalism Summer School continued its work in Gabala

The next International Summer School of Multiculturalism titled "Multiculturalism as a way of life in Azerbaijan: national and religious values" continued its work in Gabala.

The next International Summer School of Multiculturalism titled "Multiculturalism as a way of life in Azerbaijan: national and religious values", held on the recommendation of President Ilham Aliyev at the joint organizational support of Baku International Center for Multiculturalism and the Knowledge Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan continued its work on July 19 in Gabala. A "round table" was organized on "Azerbaijanism and ethnic diversity" with the moderation of the head of "Multiculturalism of Azerbaijan" department in Baku Slavic University Ulviyya Abbasova and with the participation of Irina Kunina, Roza Shafiyeva and Maya Jafarguliyeva teaching the subject "Multiculturalism of Azerbaijan" in foreign countries. Ulviyya Abbasov spoke about the importance of the project of teaching in foreign and local universities of the subject "Multiculturalism of Azerbaijan", the author of the idea and the program of which is the chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Baku International Center of Multiculturalism, academician Kamal Abdullayev and stressed the possibility for the international community through this project to get the knowledge about the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional situation of our country: "At present, this subject is taught in 28 universities in our country, 13 prestigious universities in the world. The purpose of teaching the subject is in the representation of Azerbaijan in a different perspective, introducing the traditions of tolerance and multicultural values of our people to the international community. Baku international Center of Multiculturalism makes a worthy contribution to the realization of the objectives set out by the President Ilham Aliyev in the direction of popularization of Azerbaijani multiculturalism. We believe that in the future within this project the number of foreign universities, where the subject of multiculturalism of Azerbaijan is taught, will increase". Students from Turkey, Indonesia, China, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia, Lithuania and Germany who visited the "round table" shared their views and opinions about Azerbaijani multiculturalism, ethnic groups, minority peoples for centuries living side by side in our country. The participants of the summer school after school time went to Nij settlement. Students met with the local population - Udis. Participants of the Summer School took a walk through the village accompanied by local Udi youth. The students were given detailed information about the history of Nij settlement, the local Albanian church and the Udi people. As reported, the Nij village of was granted the settlement status in 2005. First Udi school was opened in Nij in 1854, Udi Cultural Centre operates in the settlement. There are Albanian Church and other ancient monuments on the territory of the settlement. Udi language is also taught for primary school students. Then, students visited the Albanian "Chotari" church in the settlement. Warm tea-drinking with local Udi youth and concert program in the presentation of Udi folklore ensemble left a pleasant impression on the students. Foreign students danced to the sounds of "yalli".

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  • I hope I have the chance to attend the Summer or Winter school. This program really seems to add up a lot to one's life and work.