Ake Goransson: The Azerbaijani Experience in Multiculturalism Should be Used

On 28 November Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism hosted the meeting with the delegation headed by the Chairman of the Swedish State Agency for the Support of Faith Communities Ake Goransson.

At the meeting the Acting Executive Director of Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism Ravan Hasanov informed the visitors on the activities of the Centre, and the multicultural environment in our country.

Ravan Hasanov stated that President Ilham Aliyev attaches great importance to the maintenance of multiculturalism. The current state of the environment of tolerance in Azerbaijan is the result of the policy pursued by the Head of our state, his equal attitude to each of our citizens irrespective of their religion, language and national identity. Multiculturalism is the state policy, lifestyle in Azerbaijan. With its multicultural and tolerant lifestyle Azerbaijan is an example to the world.

The visitors were also told that today the course “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” is being taught at some 20 foreign universities in the world. Baku International Centre of Multiculturalism has affiliates in eight countries, and the next year the ninth affiliate will be opened in Washington D.C.

The Chairman of the Religious Community of Azerbaijani Mountain Jews Milikh Yevdayev, who attended the meeting, gave information about the lifestyle of the Jews in our country. He stated that like the representatives of other nationalities and religions in Azerbaijan, the Jews also co-exist under peaceful and fraternal conditions here.

The Chairman of Baku Religious Community of European Jews Alexandr Sharovski expressed his pride of living in such a tolerant country as Azerbaijan and emphasized the high-level multicultural environment in our country. He said that the Azerbaijani President pays special attention to the construction and repairs of the mosques, churches and synagogues.

The Chairman of the Alban-Udi Christian Community Robert Mobili spoke of Azerbaijani multiculturalism as an example. He noted that the Udin people has historically enjoyed the peaceful co-existence in this territory. The Alban-Udis have maintained their religion, language, history, customs and traditions as well as culture.

The Secretary of Baku and Azerbaijan Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church Elnur Afandiyev said that Azerbaijan is a rare country where representatives of different nationalities and religions peacefully co-exist. We have inherited multiculturalism from previous generations.

The Chairman of the Swedish State Agency for the Support of Faith Communities Ake Goransson expressed his pleasure in meeting a multinational, multicultural and tolerant country like Azerbaijan. He stressed that the close cooperation, friendship among different religious communities in Azerbaijan is noteworthy. He also stated that Azerbaijan encourages other countries with its example and it is essential to use its experience. Following “the Year of Multiculturalism”, it is a wise step to declare “The Year of Islamic Solidarity”.



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