The Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan

Do you want to get extensive and constantly updated information about Azerbaijan? If you wish to be in constant contact with the youth of the world related to Azerbaijan, to study in Azerbaijan, to participate in summer and winter schools, to complete an internship and to get information about job opportunities, to learn the Azerbaijani language and literature and to write articles about Azerbaijan, then "The Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan" will create all these opportunities.

        Our club offers you the following opportunities:


  • The social network in scientific or other public activities;

You can easily keep in touch with professors, students and public figures acting around the world in relation with Azerbaijan through our club.

  • To get information about the past and future events in Azerbaijan and to apply for participation;

You will be able to get detailed information on international scientific-cultural and sporting events held in Azerbaijan and send requests to take part in these events.

  • To get the latest information about and apply for and internship programs, summer and winter schools;

If you want to work or join internship programs in Azerbaijan, apply for summer and winter schools organized on a regular basis, then "The Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan" will help you closely.

  • To share your articles, essays or other ideas with the other participants easily;

You will be able to easily connect with the other participants who are members of the Club or share your articles, essays and ids via the forum on our e-page.

  • To learn Azerbaijani and to read books of Azerbaijani writers free online

You will be able to get initial knowledge necessary to communicate in Azerbaijani via electronic page of our club.


"The Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan" is a non-profit public organization, established by the initiative of young Azerbaijani friends abroad, which unites young people from different countries of the world. The purpose of creating the club is to bring young people interested in Azerbaijan together, to deliver the latest information about Azerbaijan to the club members and present the realities of Azerbaijan to the world community. By being registered in different countries, our club operates in accordance with the annual plan approved by the members of the club.

        Membership to our club is carried out on the basis of survey. Two chairmen are elected from among the members every two years with the members’ consent. "The Club of Young Friends of Azerbaijan" can make presentations and hold events in public spaces in any country by the initiative of the Chairman or the majority of the members of the club.