Multiculturalism -is directed to protect differentiation of cultures of people from different nationalities and religions from whole world, integrate national culture of minor nations and countries. As we know Azerbaijan, located at the crossroads of various civilizations throughout many centuries has become famous as a country where was formed the atmosphere of national cultural diversity, where representatives of various nationalities and faiths live in the atmosphere of peace and welfare, mutual understanding and dialogue. The multiculturalism and tolerance historically inherent in the life of Azerbaijanis today became an integral feature of everyday life of each citizen of the Azerbaijani state, irrespective of national identity, language and religion.

Multiculturalism aims at preservation, development and harmonization of cultural diversity of the representatives of various religions and nationalities in separately taken country and in the entire world in general, on integration of the small peoples into national culture of the states. Development of multiculturalism, tolerance and religious tolerance at the level of state policy in Azerbaijan is based on ancient history of statehood of the country and on development of these traditions. If to look at historical traditions, we will see that still in the period of the Sefevids’ state and during the era of enlightenment of the XIX-XX centuries, and in the period of the Democratic Republic in the territory of Azerbaijan, along with Azerbaijanis, also lived the representatives of other ethnic and religious groups. At the end of the XX century, thanks to efforts of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, this political behavior has acquired a form of ideology of statehood, and restored were the traditions of tolerance and multiculturalism. Political bases of the Azerbaijani multiculturalism have found its reflection in relevant clauses of articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, legal acts, decrees and orders. Azerbaijan is a country of rich cultural and spiritual heritage and traditions of tolerance. Today, this truth is recognized on the international arena.

The political line pursued under Heydar Aliyev’s leadership in the sphere of preserving multicultural traditions of the Azerbaijani people is surely continued and developed by President Ilham Aliyev. The national leader of our people Heydar Aliyev has said: “Every person’s nationality is his source of pride. I have always been proud and I am proud today that I am Azerbaijani!” Today these catchwords became a life formula for each worthy citizen of the country. According to the ideology of Azerbaijanism, and aiming at ensuring preservation of tolerance and cultural, religious, linguistic diversity, as well as for recognition of Azerbaijan in the world as the center of multiculturalism, research and encouragement of the existing multiculturalism models, on order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of February 28, 2014, it was founded the service of the State Counselor on Multiculturalism, Inter-ethnic and Religious Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. And on the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of May 15, 2014, there was created the Baku International Multiculturalism Center. On the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan of January 11, 2016, this year was declared the “Year of Multiculturalism”. Today, multiculturalism does not have alternative. We have the right to be proud of the fact that from the point of view of cultural values, our country holds a leading position in this sphere and is perceived by people of the world as an irreplaceable example. In our country, multiculturalism has already turned into a lifestyle which doesn’t have alternative. The policy of multiculturalism which is carried out now in Azerbaijan is a bright example of commitment of our state to the principles of tolerance.