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The participants of the IV International Winter School of Multiculturalism in Gabala.

IV International Winter School of Multiculturalism titled "Multiculturalism as a way of life in Azerbaijan: what does Islamic solidarity give us?", held with the joint organizational support of the Baku International Multiculturalism Center (BIMC) and the Knowledge Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan Republic, continued its activity on February 16 in Gabala. At the event, organized by the Gabala Culture Center, a lecture was heard on the subject of "Multiculturalism policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the country's foreign policy". It was noted that public policies regarding the national and religious minorities in Azerbaijan has always been highly evaluated by relevant international organizations. The policy pursued by our country in this area, and the lessons learned are an example for other countries. It has been brought to the attention that, due to the harmonization of cultures and religions, and through the traditional policy, Azerbaijan has become a place of integration of cultures and religions of the representatives of different ethnic groups. Then the participants of the Winter School, who visited Nij settlement, familiarized with the Albanian "Chotari" Church. They were also informed that from a historical point of view, the church is one of the oldest and most significant monuments of the area. Nij settlement is considered a small model of tolerance. Because in this village Christians and Muslims live permanently in unity. Within the Winter School participants met with the local population - Udi, and watched Udi folklore ensemble's performance.




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