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State Adviser meets staff of Tbilisi State University

Tbilisi, March 31, AZERTAC

State Adviser on Multinational, Multicultural and Religious Affairs, Academician Kamal Abdulla has met staff of the Tbilisi State University.

Kamal Abdulla described Azerbaijan as the crossroads of various religions and cultures, where representatives of various nationalities and confessions live in peace, tranquility, mutual understanding and dialogue. He also highlighted the historical national and spiritual values cherished in Azerbaijan. The State Adviser hailed the role of the various communities in Azerbaijan in protecting mutual respect and co-existence model. He said Azerbaijan`s multicultural model was studied at the influential universities of the world.

The State Adviser spoke about the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis, saying Armenia has pursued an aggressive policy against Azerbaijani people. “After the Republic of Azerbaijan regained its independence, it has become possible to renew the objective picture of the past history of Azerbaijani people.”

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