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Socio-economic and spiritual development in harmony in present-day Azerbaijan

The socio-economic development of a country is a major driver of its cultural and spiritual development. On the other hand, historical experience shows that a state that has a high level of cultural and spiritual development has a favourable foundation for socio-economic development. Azerbaijan is consolidating its regional leadership in terms of socio-economic development, and has become a global leader in its rate of economic development. At the same time, Azerbaijan is on a steady upward curve in spiritual terms. But those who are jealous of the socio-economic development of our country cannot or do not want to admit the role of the spiritual factor, the high spiritual and cultural values of our nation in its socio-economic achievements. They associate the socio-economic development of Azerbaijan only with its hydrocarbon resources and deny the role of the spiritual factor in this development. Is this really the case? Could economic development happen in isolation, in a vacuum?

The virtual round table, «Socio-Economic and Spiritual Development in Harmony in Present-day Azerbaijan», addresses these very questions, discussing the relationship between the socio-economic and spiritual development of Azerbaijan

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