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Bern hosts "Multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue: Swiss and Azerbaijani models" con

Bern, March 29, AZERTAC

A conference entitled "Multiculturalism and intercultural dialogue: Swiss and Azerbaijani models" has been held Bern. It was co-organized by the Azerbaijani Embassy in Switzerland and the House of Religions - Dialogue between Cultures association.

An Azerbaijani delegation led by First Deputy Chairman of the Azerbaijan State Committee for Religious Organizations Sayyad Salahli attended the conference.

In his opening remarks, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Switzerland Akram Zeynalli described Azerbaijan as the crossroads of various religions and cultures, where representatives of various nationalities and confessions live in peace, tranquility, mutual understanding and dialogue.

Providing an insight into the Azerbaijani government's policy towards various religious communities, First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Religious Organizations Sayyad Salahli highlighted the historical national and spiritual values cherished in Azerbaijan.

President of the House of Religions - Dialogue between Cultures association Gerda Hauck drew the audience`s attention to multiculturalism and inter-faith relations in Switzerland.

Chief of the Analytical Department of the Baku International Multiculturalism Center Rashad Ilyasov spoke of the activity of the center.

Chairman of the Religious Community of Mountain Jews in Baku Milikh Yevdayev highlighted the formation of the Jewish community and their current lifestyle in Azerbaijan. He hailed the Azerbaijani government`s attention to the Jewish community.

Representative of the Caucasus Muslims Office Simran Hasanov hailed the role of the Muslim community in Azerbaijan in protecting mutual respect and co-existence model enjoyed by members of different religions.

Bulgarian Ambassador to Switzerland Meglena Plugtschieva-Alexandrova noted that she eye-witnessed tolerance environment in Azerbaijan. She hailed First Vice-President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva's special attention to multicultural and inter-faith dialogue, saying she is closely involved in the implementation of several large projects even beyond the country's borders.

The conference also featured a documentary titled "Azerbaijan - land of tolerance."

The conference was followed by the launch of "Features of state-religion relations in Azerbaijan" exhibition.

Elgun Niftali

Special Correspondent

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